The Heritage Bicycle Company Limited

Hand crafted in Great Britain



The co-founders of Heritage Bicycle Company have the shared belief that using British traditional frame building techniques in the design and production of their tailor made bicycles, not only produces a bicycle that is specific to our customers particular requirements and therefore unique, but also a bike that is elegant, beautiful to look at and will last a lifetime. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we are British company producing a product of outstanding quality.


Our promise to our customers is that the key criteria for every component of our bicycles are that wherever possible, they are produced in Britain and are of the highest quality, if this is not possible, we will only source the best components available outside Great Britain.


What makes Heritage different from other bicycle manufacturers including those still based in Britain, is that, we build our frames the way all frames should be built, the hard way. Our philosophy is one man, one bicycle, in other words the person building your bicycle, takes it from start to finish. We use traditional frame building techniques of silver soldering and fillet brazing. This is the same technique used by Bentley when they weld the chasis together for their cars. The reason other bicycle builders do not use this technique even though the frame is far more superior, it would not be cost effective for them to produce in volume.


All Heritage bicycle frames are built using 100% British manufactured T45 tubing. We use T45 over the more commonly used 4130 cromoly tubing, simply because it is a better product. It is only manufactured in Britain. If you have never heard of T45 before, it has a great pedigree and you may be interested to know that it has been used in high end British car manufacturing for some time. Companies such as Morgan, Bentley and TVR, use T45 and for its considerable quality and strength. The car used for the British land speed record 'Thrust' was also constructed using brass welded T45.


Our workshop in Lancashire is fully equipped using only British made hand tools, we pride ourselves in being part of a community and as our company grows and develops we aim to employ local people giving them both a skill for life and life skills.




The Heritage Bicycle Company Limited

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