The Heritage Bicycle Company Limited

Hand crafted in Great Britain


Here at Heritage Bicycles we excel in the art of Bicycle frame building. We build all our frames the way all frames should be built… the hard way! We utilise traditional frame building techniques of silver soldering and fillet brazing, the same way Bentley weld the chassis together on their cars.


The reason why companies no longer build their frames this way is because it’s a very highly skilled and labour intensive process and the end result, although produces a far superior frame, would not be cost effective for them to produce.


All Heritage bicycle frames are built with 100% British made T45 tubing. We use T45 over the more common 4130 cromoly tubing simply because its better!


T45 is the best of british and only made in good old Blighty and therefore very difficult to get hold off outside of the UK.


If you have never heard of T45 before it has been widely used in the UK motor car scene for a very long time and is used by companies such as TVR and Morgan. The British Land Speed Record car was made from fillet brazed T45 - so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for Heritage frames.


Here at Heritage we are extremely proud of being British and every single tool used in our workshop was made in this country and every file we use is made from Sheffield steel from a time when we made everything and made it better than any one else. You will not find a more traditionally equipped workshop anywhere else with names such as Record, Woden, Bedford and Peter Stubbs.

The Heritage Bicycle Company Limited

The Cotton Mill

Unit G3

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